1. Replacing Your Old Windows With Energy Efficient Windows

    The main reason folks in North Carolina choose to replace their windows is to save money. Sounds great, right? But what about all the other benefits that come along with new windows? There’s plenty of valuable reasons to install energy efficient windows (read about these great benefits). So you’re convinced that energy efficient windows are the right choice for you, great! The plethora of energy efficient windows on the market can be overwhelming. When it comes to replacing your windows, Wize Direct is here to help you sort through and find the windows right for you! It starts with selecti…Read More

  2. Part 2: The Many Benefits Of Replacing Your Windows

    As started in our previous blog post about replacement window benefits, there are many reasons to switch out those old, inefficient, ugly windows for brand new ones. They will improve your home in many ways including decreasing the necessary maintenance, sound transmission, finances and environmental impact. Maintenance The maintenance of new windows is significantly less than the old windows you are accustomed to. If you purchase vinyl or fiberglass windows, you will never have to repaint. In addition, the frame is typically made from stainless steel or die-cast zinc that has undergone thousa…Read More

  3. The Many Benefits Of Replacing Your Windows

    Replacing your existing windows with new windows is a very beneficial upgrade for you and your home in North Carolina. From appearance to functionality, window replacements help across the board. Replacing windows is a painless home improvement project, especially when you buy windows directly through Wize Direct - no middleman, no hassle, just new windows to make your life better. What’s so special about replacement windows? To start, replacing your windows improves energy efficiency, comfort, appearance, and home security. In conjunction, it decreases the necessary maintenance, sound trans…Read More