Hi, My name is Stephanie Lee, and my family has been the Home Improvement business for nearly 25 years.

Having said that, I’ve seen it all & heard it all, some pretty funny tales, and some not-so funny tales. By nature I am
a shopper, and in my opinion, if you’re a true blue shopper (aka a shopaholic), then you’re always up for a good buy!
I’m also a homeowner and I love my home. I love to make my home look nice, but I also know how expensive it is to maintain
and update any home. So, I hope all you homeowners are paying attention because this is where it gets fun!

When we decided to open Wize Direct, and notice I said “Direct”because that’s the key word….We wanted to give every homeowner the opportunity
to purchase a quality product at a fair price. By going direct, the pricing is kept low and there are no high pressure sales tactics.
Instead of salesreps, you can call or email with your measurements, and you will receive a quote from our friendly customer service team.
There are no deposits, you pay when the job is complete.
The installers are craftsman who will help you maintain the beauty of your home, and unlike most, a flawless project is guaranteed!
We truly believe in our heart and know this will be great for the consumers who want a unique and pleasant experience or we like to say……”It’s Wowl Good” !
Stephanie Lee
A Wize Woman
At Wize Direct