If you’ve lived in your home for a very long time or recently moved into an old home, one of the best upgrades you can do for yourself is purchasing energy efficient windows. Depending on the window style, it is probably going to save you money to replace rather than try and try again to fix up the windows you have right now.

To improve your home energy use through your window optimization, you need to consider the orientation of your home and climate.

The climate here in NC can be quite moderate. We’d say it’s subtropical which means it’s relatively warm during the summer and can cool to about the forties during winter. The winds and precipitation, in addition, can cause problems for your windows if you don’t have the correct framing. Ultimately, you’ll want windows that will keep the heat out and cool air in during the summer and vice versa during the winter.

If you’re on a budget and can only replace a few windows at a time, choose those that face south first. When you replace these windows with a new window that has a solar heat gain coefficient of 0.6 or more, you’ll maximize the heat during the winter. It should have a U-factor at or less than 0.35 to conduct that heat energy and transfer it out during the summer.

Ultimately you want to choose windows that have excellent energy performance ratings such as from Energy Star®. Call us at 704-243-8513 to learn more about our favorite energy efficient windows. Then you can leave the installation up to us! Wize Direct will install your new energy efficient windows.