We all dream of an entirely sustainable world. While this is a large dream, indeed, it is first achievable in our homes. One of the best things about our modern society is a large push for sustainable energy use. This means that wanting to live “off the grid” doesn’t mean you have to live like cavemen. This is the 21st century, after all!

For human life to thrive, we need food, water and shelter. Yet in today’s modern times, we use a lot of electricity. The most difficult piece of living a sustainable life is providing enough electricity to maintain the 2015 lifestyle. The use of solar panels and wind turbines generates more than enough electricity for a typical humans’ use – as long as you are courteous and cautious of not leaving lights on all day. Once the electricity is generated by the panels and turbines, you must make an extra effort to conserve that energy. One great place to start is with energy efficient windows that are designed to keep the energy inside the home so it is not wasted through improper insulation.

Food can be grown in gardens or raised outside on a farm. If you’d like to live close to town without operating an entire farm, you can raise a few small chickens for poultry and eggs. Water is a renewable resource, but it’s not likely to sustain your entire life unless you post up right on a river or lake. You can create an endless use of water by living on a rain harvesting, water recycling site.

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