As started in our previous blog post about replacement window benefits, there are many reasons to switch out those old, inefficient, ugly windows for brand new ones. They will improve your home in many ways including decreasing the necessary maintenance, sound transmission, finances and environmental impact.


The maintenance of new windows is significantly less than the old windows you are accustomed to. If you purchase vinyl or fiberglass windows, you will never have to repaint. In addition, the frame is typically made from stainless steel or die-cast zinc that has undergone thousands of tests ensuring stability through tough NC storms. If you are worried about your windows, many manufacturers offer great warranties.

Sound Transmission

Similar to the energy efficiency concept, the seal and thickness of new windows prevents unnecessary sound from entering or leaving through the window. Therefore if your crazy neighbor Carl decides to mow his lawn at 6:00 A.M. you can sleep soundly.


Ah, money. In this case, a window upgrade is worth the cash because you will receive it back through energy savings in the future. Replacing your old windows can reduce your energy bill up to 25%, even 50% in some cases! Furthermore, studies have shown that replacing windows is one of the top five best home improvement projects for return on investment, sometimes nearing 90% ROI.

Environmental Impact

Even if you do not consider yourself a tree hugger, replacing your windows cuts down on energy usage which in turn cuts the use of natural resources, processing natural resources and the emission of those acts on the earth. Therefore, replacing your windows puts you on Mother Nature’s good list, and that’s a win.

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