The main reason folks in North Carolina choose to replace their windows is to save money. Sounds great, right? But what about all the other benefits that come along with new windows? There’s plenty of valuable reasons to install energy efficient windows (read about these great benefits). So you’re convinced that energy efficient windows are the right choice for you, great! The plethora of energy efficient windows on the market can be overwhelming. When it comes to replacing your windows, Wize Direct is here to help you sort through and find the windows right for you!

It starts with selecting the material – aluminum, wood, or vinyl. Aluminum windows are the least popular because they generally require the most upkeep. From painting to continuously improving the insulation, aluminum remains our least favorite style for energy efficiency. Wood windows are a great insulator and add a classic aesthetic look to your home. However, wood easily absorbs water, so you may find yourself reapplying caulk to keep the moisture out of your home. Vinyl windows are the best for aesthetic appearance, insulation and altogether great energy performance. When selecting the right windows for you, consider these three questions:

  • Do I mind spending time each year fixing up windows or insulation?
  • For what aesthetic style am I striving?
  • Is this window going to perform the way I intend?

In today’s day and age, we are fortunate to have energy efficient windows at our fingertips. It’s more than just the windows in your living room. Energy efficient technology can be applied to bay windows, skylights, and sliding doors – thus creating abundance of energy for your home. Wize Direct is here to answer all of your questions surrounding replacing your windows to increase energy efficiency. Call us today!