Replacing your existing windows with new windows is a very beneficial upgrade for you and your home in North Carolina. From appearance to functionality, window replacements help across the board. Replacing windows is a painless home improvement project, especially when you buy windows directly through Wize Direct – no middleman, no hassle, just new windows to make your life better.

What’s so special about replacement windows? To start, replacing your windows improves energy efficiency, comfort, appearance, and home security. In conjunction, it decreases the necessary maintenance, sound transmission, finances and environmental impact.

Energy Efficiency

A simple upgrade like replacing your windows decreases your energy consumption because the new window provides a tougher seal which allows the home to keep the inside air in and the outside air out thus regulating the temperature and energy needed to heat or cool your home.


The comfort of your home is largely connected to the replacement window’s ability to improve energy efficiency. With the tighter seal keeping the inside air in, you’ll be warmer during the winter without the drafty wind seeping through the cracks. In the summer you can enjoy the air conditioning in your home without worrying about cooling outside as well.

Physical Appearance

Get rid of those 1970s windows that came with the house when you purchased it. The old windows that you thought were white will look yellow in comparison to your new windows. This is especially nice if you are preparing to sell your home. The window frame adds a lot to the youthful look of your home.

Home Security

Thanks to the advancing technology in all industries, new windows can be equipped with various locking options to prevent intruders. Furthermore, many new windows test very highly in protection against forced entry.

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