So, I got to thinking today…Why Wize?
Why should you or would you ,the Consumer. buy from Wize Direct?
This made me think even more.. What makes Wize different from anyone else out there?…

Wize customers Have the Freedom to BUY NOT BE SOLD!

Wize is Haggle Free
Aren’t you sick of the haggling, or wondering about the cost to replace windows in your home? Those days are over!
Or how about those unwanted phone calls or salesmen at your home!
The price is the price!
We give you one price, that’s an exact price, That’s our best price! (based the sizes and options provided)
We won’t start out 30% higher and then reduce our price in order to make you feel like you’re getting a special deal for “that day only”

Wize is Risk Free
We never ask for any money up front!
The customer pays when the job is complete and the customer is completely satisfied!
Unlike conventional home improvement companies with large showrooms, that pay high commissions, use cheap sub-contracted labor.

All installers have been background checked, drug tested, and have undergone AAMA (American Architectural Manufacturers Association) training.
For your protection, all installers have the Lead Certification and are fully insured.

Wize is Worry Free

At Wize, we already know what our customers really want! So we have used our 50 plus years combined experience in the home improvement industry to give our customers:
a quality product at a fair price installed by the manufacturer to ensure quality and proper installation an Energy efficient product, all our products meet or exceed all Energy Star criteria for our Region.
Low air infiltration ratings to eliminate drafts in hot and cold spots, even in the harshest environments.
Operate easily for easy cleaning and beautiful Spring or Falls days
Maintenance-Free High Quality Vinyl Extrusions eliminating painting, rotting wood and costly repairs
High security Interlocks and Locking Systems to prevent unwanted intruders
High performance Glass for lower utility bills
Life-Time Transferable Warranty, for your peace of mind and as an added selling feature

Now ask yourself, shouldn’t you make the Wize choice?

Stephanie Lee
A Wize Woman
At Wize Direct