How to Measure Script
Measuring your windows to get a quick price doesn’t have to be difficult. Remember once you agree to have Wize Direct replace your windows we will have a factory employee come out and measure your windows down to the 1/8” for ordering purposes ensuring a nice tight fit and eliminating drafts.

All we need are rough measurements rounded up to the closest inch. Please give us the measurements width then the height. For shaped windows please measure to the peak of the arch for the height. If you happen to have a trapezoid or triangular window please provide all dimensions. We recommend that you start to the right of your front door and work your way clockwise around the house, for multi story homes apply the same method to make sure you don’t miss any windows. It might not be necessary to measure every window as many main living area and bedroom windows are the same size, just be sure to record the quantity of each size.

As you measure please note windows that might require special interior wood grain finish, special glass and grid patterns. Certain windows by code might require a safety glass, large windows in bathrooms, stairwells and beside entry doors. If you would like to change the look of your existing window configuration or grid patterns, to give your home a fresh new look we can help, just upload your photos and let us give you some options.

Remember we are always there to help call us anytime or email in your question for a prompt and educated answer!