When we started we knew at Wize Direct we had to be well capitalized to offer a no money down program to protect our biggest asset our customers. 

Here is why this is just One story we learned from one of our customer they had given a company $2500 deposit to buy a window project. They told us they seemed like the greatest company. They even had years of experience and references with them. Well guess what that was the last time they saw them and that was 2 years ago.

They finally got there windows installed thanks to Wize Direct with no money down and lucky for them we even took into consideration there loss of their deposit from the other company. 

I guess we all live and learn. What We learned is we don't require our customers to take any risk or give us any money down. We even ask even if you decide not to go with us. Please don't give anyone any money up front! We don’t care how great they tell you they are, or how great they look just don't do it!

Always go the Wize Direct way and say do the work first and as we agreed then I’ll pay you as I agreed. Go Smart Go Direct! 

That’s the Wize Direct Way!