We believe you are the boss and you don't need to be told how it's going to be or what you should believe or how they want to make it happen. 

Here is just one story from a customer who called a company who had a ad on TV to come out and give them a price on replacing windows. Initial they wanted to know if everyone who owned the house was going to be there or they wouldn't even come out. Then they thought it might take only 10-15 minutes to give them a price but it took them 4 hours, almost 5 phone calls to his boss and 5 different prices later they had to even threaten to call the police to get him to leave. Not to mention they wanted half down just to start ! 

That's why we decided to start Wize Direct and be different where with Wize Direct there is no pressure, no price games, no deposit, We even give you 1 upfront price the same day without even coming out to your home, not to mention we even answer all your questions and oh yeah once again we give you that's right 1 price the same day, all while your in your pajamas or relaxing in your home, no deposit required and most importantly we don't require to come out to your house to camp out.  You can even take your time to make a decision and anytime you have more questions call us back and we promise we will be so helpful and courteous.

When your ready we want make it so simple, fun, different, and trusting. This is the  truly easy way to buy, therefore we can’t say enough about how happy WE would be if you would consider us as we only want you to be going the Wize Direct way !

Go smart and Go direct !