From aesthetics to efficiency, Bay Windows provide many benefits! replacement bay windowsThe first, even though it may not be detected by they naked eye, is enhancement of the room. Even though there is only a bit more space, there is the illusion of much more space because of the protruding section in the wall and the much larger three-paneled window. This illusion tricks the eye into seeing a whole wall and this little bit of space can, in fact, change the entire ambience of the whole room. The shape of the Bay window differs greatly for the a standard window.
The Beautiful Bow is created of three of more panels are fitted together at angels, allowing light to dance in and out of the room, creating a much warmer and welcoming room. The functionality of the Bay is accommodating to each individual’s style. Some may prefer a simple shelf to place plants, books, and other keepsakes, while others may turn their Bay  into a private cove with their favorite blanket and pillows galore! This is would be my “Dream Bay”, a private cove, to cuddle up in with my blanket and the latest New York Times’ Best Seller!
Let’s not stop there, because we know that underneath the shelf one can build that chest for functional living, to keep that special blanket, or to put children’s toys. The Bay is perfect for Children’s Rooms or it can really light up that breakfast nook! I think it’s safe to say that the Beautiful Bow is an investment that in any home that will outlast all others!

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