Looking to replace your windows? Well, before you get wrapped up with a salesman or make any firm decisions, take time to do some homework because choosing the right windows will dramatically enhance the overall look of your home. If you are choosing between Double Hung and Single Hung, remember there is only one major difference. On the Double Hung window both sashes are operable, meaning they move up and down. On the Single Hung window, the top sash is fixed, meaning it will not move or tilt, but the bottom sash is operable. Some window dealers are only offering the Double Hung window because they are easier to clean given that both sashes tilt in, and if a customer lives in a dusty climate, this is much more convenient. Also, If the a customer needs to clean a window from a second story a their home, this is much more practical. This is why the Double Hung Window is much more popular and why many window dealers are steering away from the Single Hung Window. Aesthetically they are both the same, and the pricing is as well. So, Go with the Double hung to improve your home’s beauty and energy efficiency! As far as Aesthetics, the Double Hung has always “the Choice” or one might even say, “the window to be desired” traditionally and transitionally! 
A great advantage of having the upper sash operable is the ability to increase airflow. It’s a perfect way to ventilate the home, as the interior air will rise and escape as it warms up. And until recently Double Hung windows weren’t considered very efficient. Gaps around the sash and the frame of old wooden windows would let in cold air, but now the Double Hung is considered very efficient. The Double Hung is a “must have” for almost every homeowner!
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