When it comes to replacement window, the Sliding window, also sliding window replacement windowcalled the “Gliding” window or “Slider”, is one that many homeowners find beneficial! The “Slider” tends to use more glass and less frame. Typically designed for contemporary homes, this window is the perfect space saving solution when a window project could interfere with walkways, patios, or decks. Both sides of any Sliding window open on a smooth horizontal track , for easy cleaning, ensuring easy sliding.
The Sliding window is a favorite of many customers because its efficiency and performance. The operation of this window is practically effortless, and is yet another reason so many love this window. Because of the high-quality vinyl components, there will never be any chipping, peeling or cracking like wood, and the double-barrier weather-stripping between sash and jamb for superior protection in inclement weather will lead to years of enjoyment and delight!