When we buy something we want to make sure we are getting the best value for our money. We all rarely want the cheapest of anything, but we don’t necessarily need the best of the best either to only overpay!

For that reason, here at Wize Direct, we created a different kind of company that takes out all the risk, creates a simple way to get a window installation service price without the hassle and does all the home work for you when it came to choosing the right window to fit your budget and lifestyle. We give you the price today and it’s upfront our exact price to do the project, and we promise that they will not ask to squeeze you or ask you for any more money after we start. No hidden fees! Not to mention we don’t want any money down.

We have heard the horror stories from other consumers about the challenges they have experienced first hand on how other window install companies play games in every way from taking deposits from the customers or with their special salesmen in there house all day with the special  sales tactics of buy today only pricing, and only to have them call you back the next day with yet with another special price.

We even know consumers who have called the window companies who advertised their low price for window replacements only to have them come out and give them a price at about 2 times what they had advertised. They called it a upgrade or up charge system. We call it up selling at its finest !

We like you don’t want to deal with a company that gives you a hassle approach in every area from pricing games,  up front monies or required throughout the project, required salesmen to come out for the long winded journey sales process, or share your data with 3 other companies or to top it all off at the end deliver a shoddy installation.

We simply ask why do other window companies do it this way?

Well we decided no more we are going to dream big and now we are finally here to create the fun and true buying difference oh the while creating the fun in the purchase and developing smart trusted value long term !

  • 0 down
  • No salesmen
  • 1 price upfront no hidden fees
  • We give you the Price today
  • Certified Installation